Dedicated and Proven Leader

A fourth generation Middletonian, Ami brings new energy and ideas along with a dynamic set of skills in finance, strategy, and communications that will create a powerful positive change for Middletown.

With her experience on Wall Street, in film and television, and as a consultant to government agencies and small businesses, Ami combines the outside perspective and large-scale success with small town sensibility and a midwest spirit.

City Council is an opportunity for Ami to create a more robust connection between the residents of Middletown and their government, addressing issues and sharing ideas to help our City succeed together.

Economic Revitalization and Sustainability

We must continue investing in infrastructure to spur new industry and growth. An added focus on innovation with an eye toward long-term strategies, will keep Middletown competitive into the next century.

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Safety and Community Building

Residents and families face modern problems that can jeopardize peace of mind. Ensuring public safety and rebuilding our community networks will strengthen our ties and inspire city pride.

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Job Readiness and Workforce Development

Our City has suffered over two decades of economic struggle and a decrease in opportunities. Workforce development and training must be priorities to ensure our residents can meet the needs of local employers.

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Vote Vitori

There is no one more passionate and committed to the success of our city, and I am determined to continue our upward momentum. I look forward to your support as we work to build a successful Middletown for the next 100 years.