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Champion of Families

As the wife of a combat veteran and a mother of three boys, we work hard as a family to ensure we foster a strong support system using the tools for each person to learn, grow and feel secure in their environment. Many in Middletown struggle to provide the same for their families, and I believe as a community we have to come together in a fiscally responsible, compassionate and thoughtful way to create a truly thriving and sustainable city.



I have brought my skills from 25 years living in metropolitan areas to redevelop real estate and bring new, dynamic businesses to Middletown. Starting with Torchlight Pass, I successfully turned an underused building into a thriving destination with five new businesses in just one year. As the owner of Haven and Gracie's, I have brought jobs to downtown and as well as exciting new options for residents and neighboring communities.

Community Leader

Since returning home in 2015, I have been committed to volunteering my time across the community. Knowing that revitalization is a collaborative process, I have been involved in various areas of Middletown's growth, including: Strategic Core Team for Middletown City Schools, Elected Board Member in 2016 of St. John XXIII, Selected Board Member 2016 for Community Building  Institute, and Elected President of Middletown Visitors Bureau in 2017.

Experience Matters

Hometown heart is what drives everything I do. Having lived and worked for 25 years in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, I have brought home skills that can wrap around Middletown and expand our city's future.

Financial Analyst

Inspired by Her Grandfather

Ami received a degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., with a double major in Finance and International Business. She went on to work on Wall Street as an Investment Banking analyst at Bankers Trust.

Entertainment Executive

Creative Executive + Producer

Ami spent 10 years working with some of Hollywood's brightest minds in shepherding film and TV projects through the creative process. This honed her storytelling skills which she employs with work in building dynamic brands through compelling narratives.

Branding Consultant

Government, Nonprofits + More

Marrying together her analytic and creative business skills, Ami started her own branding and strategic communications firm, Vitori Trend which focused on helping clients tell their authentic story to help propel their mission forward.

Vote Vitori

There is no one more passionate and committed to the success of our city, and I am determined to continue our upward momentum. I look forward to your support as we work to build a successful Middletown for the next 100 years.