Do I Have the Time for City Council?

I have heard this question often and think it is a very fair question to ask. I am a busy mom of three boys, a business woman, and a community volunteer… so how could I add this to my schedule?

For me, the answer is: I can because I do. I believe I am already spending a great deal of time doing part of the role of a Councilperson, by being an advocate and working on improving and growing our city. On a weekly basis I am meeting with leaders in the community, taking calls and meetings with people curious about opening a business in town and advising other companies and organizations on spreading their word in Middletown. I often take reporters around downtown and beyond, make calls to building owners to try and help match people to property and spend time explaining to the naysayers and the nonbelievers how great a city Middletown is. I am a champion of Middletown everyday.

But we have a lot to improve and need big ideas to continue to grow; and I recognize that will take time and effort. As an engaged citizen, I do a good deal of  ‘research’ and outreach for innovations and collaborations with some of my peers from Cincinnati and my former homes of DC and NY, to talk about urban solutions we can scale to build a Middletown for the next 100 years. I want to bring best practices from some of the best cities in the country to not only address our problems, but turn them into opportunities for innovation and growth. And as a Councilperson, I will be able to grow these ideas and partnerships more effectively into action.

I am frequently at city events, from downtown First Fridays to local school fundraisers, community partner luncheons at Atrium to strategic planning meetings for the City Schools. I am out in the community every day, whether it be in yoga pants as a mom, in a dress as a business owner, or everything in between as a resident who loves her neighbors and reuniting with friends from high school.

I also currently sit on three boards, once of which I am the President and meets twice a month. If I win a seat on Council, I would vacate some of those positions to balance the time spent on a bi-weekly basis in the evening at Council meetings without any more time away from my family.

My family is my priority. We are a family business, just like the many generations before me, so family and work life are very connected. Our love for Middletown runs deep, we are all in on Middletown in every way, because this city is a part of my history and my family, too. I look forward to the opportunity to work in an official capacity to grow our city and make us THE story of revitalization that inspires towns and families across the country.





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