A Vibrant Community. A New Opportunity.

Middletown has all the pieces for a dynamic and thriving community. From the river to the airport, the amenities at the Interstate and the businesses and organizations around and in between, the new schools and Superintendent, our city has what it takes to grow and prosper over the next decade and beyond. I see the following areas as crucial to that success:

Economic Growth + Sustainability

Working with the outline of the Master Plan, we need to continue to improve our infrastructure and develop our attractiveness as a City to prospective employers and residents. Finding innovative solutions and partners to our most pressing issues, and projecting a more positive image of Middletown will be imperative to our success.

Public Safety + Community Building

Middletown is a small town that faces urban issues. Our first responders work hard everyday and need our support to ensure the wellbeing of all residents and fight the heroin epidemic. We need to empower our community to lift up our neighborhoods, report crime and build bridges across the city so that Middletown can rebound as one city.

Job Readiness + Workforce Preparation

To meet current demand, attract new employers and grow opportunities, we need qualified residents who can meet requirements. By creating a city-wide job board, fostering support for our school community and teachers, and incentivizing partnerships with local and regional businesses and schools, we can rebuild our workforce and economic vibrancy.

How do We Grow?

  • Seek out innovation through green, tech and other new industries and companies.
  • Position Middletown's assets to better attract to new businesses and entice entrepreneurs.
  • Address issues that hamper Middletown's growth: housing, infrastructure and available amenities.
  • Collaborate with City Schools to attract and retain educators through incentives and support the betterment of our schools.

How do We Stay Safe?

  • Continued partnership approach, pulling resources across the spectrum to address the heroin epidemic, and increasing rehabilitation accessibility.
  • Seek Federal and State resources to offset the financial stress on the city's available funding.
  • Stay Tough on Crime and make Middletown an uncomfortable place to find, buy, do and sell drugs.
  • Support Police, Fire and Emergency services with right-sizing forces, gear and supplies to the need.
  • Foster Neighborhood Watch programs city-wide.


How do Jobs Increase?

  • Partner with businesses to customize educational needs in local schools, tailoring employees skills to match the opportunity.
  • Reach outside the area to partner with organizations that address jobs, poverty and economic sustainability with innovative programming.
  • Create a city-wide 'job board' to list open positions and qualifications.
  • Work regionally to address additional employment opportunities and grow the area business community.

Vote Vitori

There is no one more passionate and committed to the success of our city, and I am determined to continue our upward momentum. I look forward to your support as we work to build a successful Middletown for the next 100 years.