Why I am Running

I don’t see things just as they are, I see them for what they can be.

Moving home to Middletown two years ago, I found the city that I grew up in and loved had at a glance become a tired, under performing place in desperate need of change. Rather than join those who focus on Middletown’s problems and faults, I sought out those who were committed to bringing new ideas, energy and passion to our town.

What I found along the way was a community of like-minded people who inspire me, have supported me and made me want to dive in and be part of the solution. I looked for an opportunity to put a stake in the ground and use it as a resounding example of what is possible in a town where ideas, people and commitment come together to create progress. I started by purchasing the TV Middletown building downtown and within a year turning it into a destination for residents and visitors alike. What was an underused building, now houses five businesses and many offices of small local business owners.

I am committed to growing our city, and spend my days talking with residents, community leaders, business owners, potential business owners and more – all about how we can collaborate to better our city.

We face many challenges in Middletown, but none that we can’t face and overcome through thoughtful, tough, and fair legislation, new policies and creative partnerships. I see our city as brimming with opportunity, a community that is fiercely loyal and yearning to connect, and a hometown that can reinvent itself for success for the next 100 years.

I hope you’ll support me in my commitment to listen, lead and communicate with residents as we work to achieve our #smalltownrebound.



7 thoughts on “Why I am Running”

  1. Beautiful Amy! God has blessed Middletown with someone so committed to restore our town and bring it back to life. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your question. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. I double majored in Finance and International Business. Upon graduation, I was an investment banker, working for Bankers Trust in New York, where I completed multiple transactions raising over $3.0 billion of capital. Following that, I moved to Los Angeles where I was an executive in the film and television business, running production companies by overseeing the development and production of projects at Universal and Fox Studios. After 10 years, I moved back to Washington DC to run marketing for Rock the Vote, heading up a rebrand of that non-profit for the 2008 election. Following on that experience, I started my own branding and marketing firm working with a range of clients from government agencies, non-profits and small businesses. Moving back home to Middletown two years ago, I focused on using these skills to better our town and purchased the former TV Middletown building in May of 2016, renovating it to become a vital downtown asset. In just over a year, the building now houses Haven Yoga, MC Hair Salon, Gracie’s Restaurant, ID Training Academy, the Xscape Room Middletown and offices filled with a half dozen local, small business owners. My goal for City Council is to continue to use my skill sets and apply this same vision to the betterment of Middletown.

  2. If changes for the better are successfully brought about, we can then borrow the classic line from the Frankenstein movie to describe Middletown…..”It’s alive!”

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